Hand stitched in
Simple to fit and use.
Supports the weight of the pipes.
Suits left or right handed players.
Sizes for kids too.
Assists steady blowing.
Quick release after playing.
No more ugly patches on uniforms or bag covers.

Welcome to BagpipeHarness.com, we are the creators of the bagpipe harness. It has been designed, developed and tested to make a piper's life easier - from the amatuer player, to the experienced pro.

The harness will support the weight of a set of bagpipes and keep them firmly and comfortably in place. A clever quick release mechanism means the bagpipes can easily be detached with a quick click while the player still wears the harness. So inbetween playing times the harness can still be worn and the pipes then quickly re-attached when ready for playing again!

The harness has been developed with a traditional pipe band uniform in mind. The clever design means it can be worn over or under a jacket and the range of colours available means you can choose one to blend in with your uniform, or even just to personal taste.


The bagpipe harness was invented by an experienced Grade 1 piper. After a full day at a pipe band championship, the weight of the pipes was more than obvious. Roughly pinning the pipes to the band uniform helped, while other pipers were using surgical patches and velcro tape to prevent slippage. The idea developed from this point.

After numerous trials and various exotic designs over a lengthy period, the simplest idea turned out to be the best.

The Bagpipe Harness had arrived.

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